On Building a Community

Over the last three years I’ve attended approximately 300 concerts. I’ve seen established artists and new artists, young artists and old artists. I’ve been to 100,000 person festivals and concerts at dive bars with 5 other people. I’ve been to most every major venue in Chicago, and many venues elsewhere.

Looking back at those 300 concerts, there is one thing that I know for sure. Virtually all of my favorite concert experiences were not at festivals, or at bars, or in venues. Nope. My favorite shows were in people’s homes or in cozy office spaces after hours, or perhaps in backyards around a campfire.


House concerts (aka pop-up shows, secret shows, etc.) are not a new concept. They are not revolutionary. They are, at their core, the way I believe we were meant to experience music. The communal, intimate sharing of songs and storytelling has been one of humanity’s greatest achievements since the beginning of time.

To bring each other into our homes, places that are special to us, and to be able to share in deeply moving, exciting music together, well, I struggle to think of many things more important.

In today’s internet age, the onus is on all of us to continue to build new means and opportunities for artists to share their art in unique, intimate environments with friends and fans.

At closeup.fm, we’ve taken that to heart. We want nothing more than to bring talented, passionate musicians to your doorstep, into your living rooms, and to empower you to host artist you love and invite your friends and family to partake in an experience that will not be soon forgotten.

So. How are we going to do that? Well, it starts with you. Do you love music? Do you want to be part of something big? Something awesome? Well, we want you to be.

Below, you’ll find a link to a little form. If you fill it out, you’ll be part of our closeup.fm community, one of the first people to know when artists we love are interested in touring through your neck of the woods.

We’ll give you a shout, and in a few weeks or months you might have that musician you love sitting in your living room, playing a sold-out show to you and all your friends (old and new).

We set up all of the ticketing, send you a little guide on what’s worked for us when we host shows, and send you a list before the show with the names of everyone who is coming. All you have to do is invite everyone you know, and prepare to make some fantastic memories!

These kind of shows are part of the future of the music industry – artists like David Bazan, Paul Simon, and the Foo Fighters have all experimented with intimate, private shows. More and more names will end up on that list; the adventure is only just beginning.

We want you to be part of this adventure with us. Sign up below, and you’ll be hearing from us soon!

Sign up here!


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