Do’s and Don’ts for Band T Shirt Printing

We reached out to our friend John Romero at Anchor & Cloth. He shared some of his favorite band t-shirt printing tips. We hope that save you some money (and some ugly t-shirts). +++ John Romero here. Let’s talk band t-shirt printing. For some fans, band t-shirts are a badge of honor. If Archibald went to the


High Five – Joseph’s Living Room Shows

“Your fans are your 401K.” My friend Andrea Howat said that to me when we were discussing living room shows and unconventional touring. She has helped her clients do it successfully, profitably, for years. (Andrea, I told you I was going to steal that saying.) But her bandwidth is limited. She’s had to turn away a lot


Closeup Chat with Shannon Curtis

Most people probably know Shannon Curtis as a singer and songwriter. But over the past couple of years she has begun wearing a new hat: innovator in direct to fan touring. After raking in $25,000 in two months playing house concerts, Shannon wrote an ebook to help other artists organize their own house concert tours.